January 2008

The WIAKtutorial on the wiak.org website has now been upgraded to reflect recent bug fixes. You can find it via http://wiak.org/, or more specifically, at:



Some of the existing wiakapps weren’t shutting down properly. For applications where this was a problem major bugfix releases are now available at the main download pages (version 1.1.4; includes wiakrecord and wiakdevelop etc).

All the wiakapps seem to be working well now and wiak itself remains 100 percent stable.

Now having a wiakapp feature freeze for a while as I get back to adding upgraded functionality to wiak itself.

You are therefore advised to upgrade to the latest 1.1.4 versions where applicable.

NEWS: 01Jan08: “Happy New Year! Please find major new versions (1.1.2) of most downloads at http://wiak.org/The new version 1.1.2 components are a major code upgrade, which will make wiakapps even easier to write! [Note that the overall wiakapp functionality has not itself been altered, but the code has been simplified and should also execute slightly faster. A few major bugs have also been fixed]. The new code has been ported back from ongoing and relatively rapid developments undertaken on an as yet unreleased development version of “morfi”. The WIAKtutorial, at wiak.org, has also been upgraded to match these developments.

The following are currently under development/testing:

    A version of wiak which includes message queue functionality in addition to named pipes and a GUI-ified config wizard backend server for wiakrecord. These will be released at some other time once testing is complete and time permits :-).In addition, versions of the following downloads for other distributions (such as possibly Debian and Ubuntu) will be coming relatively soon too. In the meantime, please enjoy the new downloads.

http://wiak.org/ site statistics:

From 20Dec07 to 31Dec07, total downloads = 1001; total site page hits =1125

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